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22. května 2007 v 21:01 |  Anime
Moonless Night
Title: Moonless Night
Chara: Asazuki Kousuke
Size: 207kb
Date: 9/17/2005
By: Elwen

Kousuke is awesome. I hope this skin is cool enough for him. ^.^
Around The Mind
Title: Around The Mind
Character: Narumi Ayumu
Size: 82kb
Date: 4/21/2005
By: Trisyana
Blind Faith
Title: Blind Faith
Charas: Eyes Rutherford
& Kanone Hilbert
Size: 140kb
Date: 03/20/04
By: Elwen

Notes: 2.9/5 compatible

An evocative image from the ending.

I had too much fun with gradients, and it's a bit dark on non-LCD monitors.
Title: Hunter
Chara: Kanone Hilbert
Size: 208kb
Date: 12/30/03
By: Elwen

Kanone is evil. Eeevil. But the images made for a nice pair of skins, so.
Title: Savior
Chara: Eyes Rutherford
Size: 194kb
Date: 12/25/03
By: Elwen
Title: Hemisphere
Character: Narumi Ayumu
Size: 124kb
Date: 10/04/03
By: Trisyana

About the on and auto buttons in the equalizer: It just goes to show that I was actually paying attention in math. With the real logic thing and all.
Title: Intuition
Character: Yuizaki Hiyono
Size: 137kb
Date: 09/14/03
By: Elwen

One of two main characters who's not a hardcore logician, Hiyono is a genius in her own ways

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1 Lovexgirl Lovexgirl | Web | 25. května 2007 v 17:00 | Reagovat

Prihlas sa do Lovex fan clubu ;)

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